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As a child, I loved to write. For me, inventing stories pre-dated composing music. But this practice slipped gradually from my mind as music increasingly became my life, until I found myself doing little more than compiling texts for compositions, writing articles on music and dance, and drawing up documents for curriculum development.

Fortunately, in recent years I have rediscovered the joys of creative writing. As a means of expression it has so many fascinating parallels to composition, yet remains refreshingly unique.

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The Moor Inn Fire
Cover image by Christopher Best

The Moor Inn Fire (a novel)

Smashwords edition.
ISBN: 9781370775293

A roadside burial site, a ring of standing stones and the remnants of derelict mine workings are just a foretaste of what awaits young couple Mark Sheppard and Stephanie Latimer as they find themselves lost on Dartmoor on a cold late September evening. With time and the weather against them, they finally stumble upon the Moor Inn, a sanctuary of wood panelling, rough oak beams and fine ales. The pub’s claim to fame, they soon learn, is its magnificent fire, which has been kept alight continuously for well over a century. But this ritual hides a dark secret, one that is hauntingly related by an eccentric old-timer who sits at their table. He draws them into a bygone world, telling of a former tenant’s family torn apart by passion, infidelity, prejudice and tragedy. At the heart of his tale lies the inn-keeper’s daughter Martha, driven by unsanctioned love to a terrible act of betrayal.

But what was Martha’s fate? And what her deadly secret? As they become ever more embroiled into Dartmoor’s shady past, Mark and Stephanie are forced to confront their deepest fears, their darker selves, their relationship and their true values.

The Moor Inn Fire is a ghost story, a love story, a murder mystery, a rite of passage and, above all, a celebration of the romance and wild beauty of Dartmoor.

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cover image by Christopher Best

Mobius (a novel)

Smashwords edition.
ISBN: 9781310910944

Stumbling upon a mute and paralysed man and realising it to be the twin brother he thought was long dead, Daniel George pledges to take him in and nurse him back to health. Desperate to solve the riddle of his shock reappearance, Daniel knows he must take Alex back to South Devon, to the cliffs where he fell as a child. But the truths they uncover there unleash a nightmare that might just never end.

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Adverse Camber
cover image courtesy of A.T.Willett.

Adverse Camber (a short story)

Smashwords edition.
ISBN: 9781476323121

On their perilous drive home from a New Year's Eve celebration, through driving snow and much the worse for drink, a couple are caught in a near-fatal accident. Out of the blizzard appears a figure to help them. But his story will change their lives forever.

Terror, helplessness, questioning of everything that you thought you knew... Best time to read it is on a stormy night by a roaring fire... (5 stars)

An excellent little ghost story. Highly recommended! (5 stars)

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Olivia's Secret Wish
cover image by Christopher Best

Olivia's Secret Wish (a short story for children)

Smashwords edition.
ISBN: 9781476248257

When Olivia visits a pet shop for her ninth birthday she is presented with Jeremy, a plump brown gerbil in a glass cage. The pet shop keeper knows it is not exactly the pet she had secretly longed for, but first Olivia must show him how responsible she can be. All goes well until the day she arrives home from school to find the cage left open, a trail of muddy footprints crossing the table top and Jeremy nowhere to be seen. After this, how is poor Olivia ever going to see her secret wish come true?

This story was written for the nine-year-old daughter of a close friend. Suggested age range: 8 and upwards. With illustrations.

This is a lovely little tale of a young girl's dreams and how they get fulfilled. Perfect for age 8 and up. Especially recommended for young girls. (5 stars)

A very enjoyable read. I don't think I'm giving away too much by saying, if only all pet shops had animals like this! (5 stars)

This is a great book! My nine-year old daughter and I read it together and she totally related to Olivia... only she wished the same things could happen to her!... (5 stars)

This is a beautiful story. I cried when I read it the first time... (5 stars)

I really loved this book, even though I'm 26! I could really relate to Olivia because I used to wish for similar things when I was little... (5 stars)

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cover image by Christopher Best

Bramblewood (a short story for children)

Smashwords edition.

Life is hard for Maria, living alone with an older brother who barely notices her. But a discovery one night in their antique shop, as she’s planning her escape, sends her off on a wild adventure to Bramblewood. A bizarre crowd of woodland characters waits there to welcome her; the Parliament of Owls, Tawny Blare and Garden Brown among them, beady-eyed Bullstrode Frogley, their Slime Minister; and of course Maria’s very own Lady-in-Waiting, a beautiful cobalt blue parrot named Hyacinth McCaw. But the arrival of a group of orphaned weasels begging an audience with their queen is only the start of Maria’s troubles. A chance remark by Lady Hyacinth leads Maria on a journey of self-discovery that can only end when she finally returns home to confront her brother.

This story was written as a Christmas present for my two dear nieces. Suggested age range: 10 and upwards.

...being whisked off to become a Princess is not all it's cracked up to be in this wonderful modern-day fairy tale, which explores concepts like grief and family. Highly recommended! (5 stars)

...exciting, funny, chilling and heart-warming at the same time. Every moment you expect something and something else happens... Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down... (5 stars)

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