Christopher Best

composer ~ educator ~ performer ~ writer


Panaura (1999 revised 2006)


LISTEN: 1st Movement (2006 version) opening

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Set of 28 parts (P.O.A.):
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The three movements of this orchestral work are made up of just one melody. In the first movement, it appears on a succession of solo instruments: cello, clarinet, violin, viola and piccolo, each time accompanied by different pulsating chords or sustained notes from the rest of the orchestra. In the second movement the tune is passed around the percussion instruments and brass, using antiphonal effects between the stage and the balcony. The third movement piles up the melody from the top downwards to build towards an enormous climax, from which point the music dies away to the cello solo that began the piece.

Panaura was especially written in 1999 for Kokoro and substantially revised for a second performance on 29th October 2006. Both performances took place in the Great Hall in the Dartington estate in South Devon. Students and staff of the college and other local musicians joined forces with the ensemble to surround the audience with musical sound.