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New work for electric guitar and digital delay pedals

My new composition 'EMERGENCE', for electric guitar, EBow and two Boss DD-20 digital delay pedals was premiered on Friday 28th October 2016 at the Somextro Symposium, Falmouth University. The event began with a lecture on the construction and scoring of the work, followed by my giving a complete performance lasting around 35 minutes.

'EMERGENCE' forms a companion piece to my 2013 work 'Echoes of a Lost Music', and has been written with a view to building up a body of solo guitar compositions to take on tour.

Being called to account after the premiere performance.

Former colleague Bob Gilmore, as I shall always remember him

'Scending' (for flute and accordion) premièred

'Scending', my new four movement work for flautist and accordionist, received its première on April 28th 2017 at the Exchange, Penzance. A studio recording followed shortly after, which can now be heard on my composiiton page.
'Scending' was commissioned by flautist William Sleath, who also performed the work with accordionist Miloš Milivojevic. Funded by the Britten-Pears Foundation, the work pays homage to my ex Dartington College colleague Bob Gilmore, who died in January 2015.

Scending lasts nearly 45 minutes and comprises the following four movements:
'Scending I: A-Scending'
'Scending II: DE-Scending'
'Scending III: A-Scending, DE-Scending'
'Scending IV: TRAN-Scending'


The Moor Inn Fire
cover image by Christopher Best

The Moor Inn Fire re-written and newly published

My first novel, hitherto unpublished, has been substantially revised and now joins the novel 'Mobius' and the three short stories published as e-books on the website Smashwords (also distributed by Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes, Sony, Kobo and many others). All are available for immediate download. To visit the site, go to my writing page and follow the link. More publications are on their way.

Previous News:

cover image by Christopher Best

My latest novel now published

My new novel Mobius joins the three short stories I now have published as e-books on the website Smashwords (also distributed by Barnes & Noble, i-Tunes, Sony, Kobo and many others). All are available for immediate download. To visit the site, go to my writing page and follow the link. More publications are on their way.


Flautist Will Sleath

Cellist Rohan de Saram

Fragilities premièred!

Rohan de Saram (cello) and Will Sleath (flute) premièred my new work 'FRAGILITIES as part of an exciting programme of contemporary works for cello and flute. The performance took place on 27th November 2014 at Falmouth University, followed a day later with a second performance at the Exchange, Penzance. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive. A studio recording is now in preparation.

The work's title reflects its preoccupation with the fragilities and ambiguities of sound: sounds isolated by silence; sounds on the borders of silence; tones on the borders of noise; sounds growing from and dying to nothing; the suggestions and fragmentation of theme, ambiguities of tempo and pulse. The commission was made possible thanks to the generosity of the Britten Pears Foundation.

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni.

Terra al Sol

My new composition for the Fisarchi Ensemble of Italy, a setting of Sonnet 21 by Michelangelo Buonarroti, was completed in December 2012. Scored for two female voices, accordion and string trio, it attempts to capture the artist's introspections upon ageing and death, and forms a single movement lasting about twenty minutes.

The text is as follows:

.....Chiunche nasce a morte arriva
nel fuggir del tempo; e ’l sole
niuna cosa lascia viva.
Manca il dolce e quel che dole
e gl’ingegni e le parole;
e le nostre antiche prole
al sole ombre, al vento un fummo.
Come voi uomini fummo,
lieti e tristi, come siete;
e or siàn, come vedete,
terra al sol, di vita priva.
.....Ogni cosa a morte arriva.
Già fur gli occhi nostri interi
con la luce in ogni speco;
or son voti, orrendi e neri,
e ciò port il tempo seco.

British Finalist in the International Composition Competition Città di Udine

My composition 'Night Walking' for alto flute, bass clarinet, violin and violoncello (premiered by Ensemble Kokoro in 2006) reached the finals of this year's international composition competition Città di Udine

A view of the Teatru Manoel in Valletta, Malta,
the thrilling venue for the premiere of 'How Great,
How Fall'n'
in its new orchestral incarnation.

Brian Schembri conducting 'How Great, How Fall'n'
photo courtesy Mariella Cassar

Off-stage musicians surround the audience in the auditorium.
photo courtesy Light Composing

Maltese Premiere success

The new orchestral version of my choral piece 'How Great, How Fall'n' was successfully premiered on 10th December 2011 at the Teatru Manoel, Malta.
Audiences expressed afterwards how moved they were by the experience of being surrounded by strings and bells sounds. It was great to have been able to attend both rehearsals and performance, thanks to the generous support of Sound and Music and the British Council.

(For more information about the original version of 'How Great, How Fall'n, please click here).

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Receiving flowers with fellow composer and concert organiser Mariella Cassar
photo courtesy Light Composing

Echoes of a Lost Music tour with Louvelle Dance

After successful performances at University College Falmouth and the Barbican in Plymouth, Echoes of a Lost Music, in the guise of Emma-Jane Louvelle's dance piece 'In The Flesh', concluded its tour on Tuesday March 13th 2012 at the Bierkeller in Bristol.

'In The Flesh' in rehearsal
photos courtesy Nadine Bauer