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"...unique sonorities and an engaging sound world..."
(Will Sleath, flautist, after commissioning 'Fragilities')

On this site you can listen to extracts of my music, download scores and recordings, read articles and fiction that I have written and learn about my current projects. I am always keen to discuss creative projects, commissions or performances of my work. It is the life-blood of any composer to be writing and to be heard. If you are a performer, conductor, choreographer, visual artist, director or writer etc looking for fresh musical dimensions, then please make contact.

About Christopher Best

As a composer...

"....Courageous in its simplicity and deserves to be heard...."
(Sound and Music Reading panel)

I am a freelance composer who lives and works in the South West of England. I have written almost sixty major works and received wide critical acclaim. Major commissions include Emilyn Claid and Co, Scottish Dance Theatre, Bimba Dance Theatre, Jamaican National Dance and the SPNM. Works have been written for ensembles including ‘Aquarius’, ‘Jane’s Minstrels’, ‘Kokoro’, the choir of Selwyn College Cambridge and ‘Onyx Brass’, plus a host of distinguished soloists. Many of my pieces have also been shortlisted and selected by the SPNM reading panel.

Recent output includes; 'Emergence' for electric guitar, EBow and pedals, commissioned by the Somextro Symposium, Falmouth; 'Scending' for accordion and flutes, commissioned by Will Sleath and Miloš Milivojevic, funded by the Britten Pears Foundation;Fragilities' for cello and flutes, commissioned by Rohan de Saram and Will Sleath, also funded by Britten Pears;‘Terra al Sol' for voices, string trio and accordion, commissioned by the Fisarchi Ensemble of Firenza; and'How Great, How Fall’n’ (orchestral version) commissioned by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra.

"....a mature and powerful work, able to portray the dark shadows of loss that can unexpectedly creep into even the most joyful moments in life...." (Dance Europe - music for 'Playfall', Scottish Dance Theatre)

Much of my work has been for contemporary dance, with major commissions from Claid & Co, Scottish Dance Theatre, Bimba Dance Theatre and Jamaican National Dance. REQUEST CV

"....This is lovely music for dance, and it develops in a delightful way...."
(Composer Howard Skempton - music for 'Caught Up', Suits U2 Dance Co.)

Poster for the dance piece 'Twilight Tempest'
courtesy Indra Thiagarajah

Falmouth University Performance Centre
photo courtesy Falmouth University

Olivia's Secret Wish
cover image by Christopher Best

As an educator...

"....His inspirational tutorials and enlightened seminars have been of a great value for my personal development as a young aspiring composer...."
(former composition student Kateryna Padlyevs’Ka)

I am currently senior lecturer in composition at Falmouth University in Cornwall. Between 1998 and 2010 I worked at Dartington College of Arts, becoming a ‘Reader in Music Composition’ in 2001. Before that, I designed and ran H.N.D. and BA Degree courses in composition at Coventry University, the first of their kind anywhere in the country. I have twice been artistic director (music) of the Composers/Choreographers Exchange at the South Bank in London and have conducted similar workshops in Spain, Holland and Sweden. Between 2005 and 2007 I co-ran the Music and Dance Exchange (m&de) at Dartington College of Arts with internationally acclaimed choreographer Emilyn Claid.

As a writer...

"....This is a beautiful story. I cried when I read it the first time...."
(Smashwords 5 star review of 'Olivia's Secret Wish)

In addition to my musical work, I am an avid writer of fiction, having completed two novels: 'The Moor Inn Fire' and 'Mobius', as well as numerous short stories and a TV script. I have also written articles on music and dance collaboration and created or adapted texts for my own compositions. More information and downloads can be found on the writing page.

"....exciting, funny, chilling and heart-warming.... once I started reading, I couldn't put it down....."
(Smashwords 5 star review of 'Bramblewood')

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